Company Introduction

What is Maksaa?

Many people who come in the company asks what does the word “MAKSAA” mean, but let us tell you here it’s a word which is not of any dictionary but a family name formed by attaching first letter of each family member age wise in a sequence. So “M” in the MAKSAA means “Mukhtar Ali Khan Bhatti” the CEO of the company.     



The company was inaugurated in March 2004 by getting enlisted in the Department of Tourist Services under License no 3207 as a sole proprietor concern.


Status Change

        In 2005 the company was transformed into PVT LTD concern with having 3.5 million as paid up capital as the main goal was to become and IATA so it was a prerequisite. now Maksaa Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd is a company with Paidup Capital of 6.0 Million.


IATA Accredited Agency

        In March 2007 when it was 3rd year of the company the company went for the IATA membership and became IATA applicant, now by the grace of almighty ALLAH we are approved IATA Company since 25 january 2008.


Way of Working

            With a strict check and balance of the CEO and the Director this is very clearly told to every employee to help clients in saving their finance by providing them cheap air fares and giving them special discounts. We do not deliver the documents until we are not satisfied to avoid a miss commitment which makes us keener about customer satisfactions.


Business Volume

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH we are having quite good ratio of work Increased every year because of our good and timely services and ambition to fulfill our commitments.


Our Network

          We are the company which has particularly in Umrah its own network from gross route (passport collection) level to the end product (visa issuance, ticketing and hotel management ) as we have our own agreement from Saudi Arabia and our own team is there in Saudi Arabia to look after our all concerns in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.


Services We Provide

          We are providing following services


                       1)    Umrah (our own direct agreement with Saudi Arabian Companies for umrah processing)

                       2)    Hajj (Approved Hajj Group Organizer by Ministry of Hajj Pakistan Under License No 3275 and Munazzam No 3199.)

                       3)    Air Ticketing (IATA Accrediation)

                                      a) Domestic

                                      b) International

                       4)    Visits

                       5)    Group Tours



          Our motive being in this trade is to become one of the top leading trade members in the industry by putting all the potential and services in work for not only corporate clients but also for walk in clients. We are of the ambition to make it easy and hastle free for the pilgrims of Umrah by making their tours such a leisure and pleasant that they could not feel that they are abroad.